Way to go Tesla … Keep up the good work. Innovation, Americana, and a maddening focus on UI/UX. #Awesomeness.


“And you are there!” used to scream the black and white newsreel shows back in the day.  Yes, this is Day1 for saving our planet … from the hype, hysteria, and hypocrisy that oft-accompanies the ongoing saga and story of the “global warming” of our Earth (now conveniently called “Climate Change”).  I think that’s key, however: it is afterall OUR earth.  All of us are stakeholders here on this sphere streaking through our little corner of the galaxy.  We all of us have a say in this story, and I believe that the story has been told for far too long by a vocal, boisterous, unevenhanded minority replete with agendas.

Well, here we are … and “You are there!”  At least, I hope you’re there.  If you’re not HERE today, perhaps you soon will be.  This here’s the place to come visit to discover news from all perspectives; from voices educated and steeped in Environmental Law to voices uneducated but LOUD with insight and opinion and syllogistic sound arguments.  Should be fun, sometimes loud, but always OPEN to the left, right, and those weaklings down the middle still unsure (we still like you!).

ZeroEmo.com is about “zero emissions” and what we can do in the private sector to deliver what consumers want in regards to transportation, housing, public transportation, and energy solutions.  It’s also about “zero emotions” … we want logic in place of hysteria.  We demand facts over propoganda.  There is a very real subtext to this movement, and its roots are deep in a worldview antithetical to Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” and capitalism and the West in general.  Why do you suppose that is?  Over the next year, we’ll discuss, and I look forward to your input.

So, here goes.  Wish us luck!


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